Our Programs

We believe education is not one-size fit all experience. Every child has different need and abilities, each learns In their own way and at their own pace. We designed our school readiness pathway with this philosophy in mind to empower you with educational option and choice at every age from 3 month to 6 years to create the most fitting path for your child.

Our Approach

Your child is one of a kind so we focus on your child’s unique interests and ability through hands on activities learning and opportunities for self-expression. Our teaching strategies are designed to maximize the full development of each individual child and recognise how they learn different things in different ways utilising their intelligences or smart.

Our Learning Center is Designed Around Eight SMARTS

  • Word Smart: reading, writing and telling stories
  • Number Smart: Logical thinking, patterns and numbers
  • Body Smart: Expression though once body movements and physical activities
  • Design Smart: Visualization, building, drawing and designs
  • Rhythm Smart: Rhythm, signing and creating music
  • Nature Smart: In tune with physical world living thing
  • People Smart: Working in groups, sensitivity to others and leadership
  • Self Smart: In touch with personal feeling and thoughts

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